Time Machine - The World Shaped by Time

Although we are all perfectly well aware that everything changes, sometimes we take the permanence of certain things for granted, like the ground we walk upon or the immutability of species. Given enough time, however, the cumulative power of even the slightest and slowest of forces can literally change the world the way raindrops have shaped the Grand Canyon.

Today's first installment of this documentary series speeds up the geological clock to reveal the massive changes our planet has undergone for the last few billion years, the time bombs that have destroyed past civilizations (think Vesuvius), and some of the changes we will experience in the future, including the fact we may all be destroyed by a super volcano whose time is already past due.

Oh, there are also sea creature fossils found on the heights of Mount Everest, and did you know the Great Sphinx of Giza may have been created by the sheer power of winds?

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