The Invisible World

We are creatures from Middle World. Our experience of the world is permeated by the evolutionary adaptations our ancestors have undergone as the process of natural selection favored those whose sensory apparatus were better suited to perceive and react to local environmental pressures. Richard Dawkins beautifully explains this insight in this TEDTalk presentation (you should totally watch it!).

We have not evolved to see many things, however. For instance, until the invention of various optical tools, we could have never experienced the very small, the very large, the very slow, the very fast, or the vast majority of the electromagnetic spectrum (infrared, x-rays, sound, ultraviolet, etc.).

In today's stunning documentary from National Geographic, you will get an opportunity to experience the world in ways your ancestors could never have even dreamed of. Admittedly, it is a bit old, and some of the technologies presented have been vastly superseded, but the beauty and awe presented here are undeniable, and you'll be glad you watched it.

Didn't you just love to see the crystallization of liquid water into ice?!?
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