A Brief History of Mathematical Geniuses

Math, unfortunately, is usually taught, and consequently thought of, as a set of cold, bloodless tools to solve practical and theoretical problems that are somehow removed from real lived experience.

However, the truth of the matter is that math has a fascinating and mesmerizing life of its own, and those who have really confronted its secrets have found it to be a source of love, respect, admiration, inspiration, despair, confusion and wonder. Whatever else it may be, math is not boring... not if you actually pay attention.

In the following set of short documentaries, which you should definitely share with your mathophobe friends, Professor Marcus du Sautoy explores the lives, the insights, the contributions and the influence of some of history's greatest mathematicians.

Newton and Leibniz:

Leonard Euler:

Joseph Fourier:

Evariste Galois:

Carl Friedrich Gauss:

The Mathematicians who helped Einstein:

Georg Cantor:

Henri Poincare:

Hardy and Ramanujan:

Nicolas Bourbaki:

What other mathematicians would you have included in this list?

And for a touching and fascinating biography/tribute to Cantor, don't forget to check out the spectacular documentary Dangerous Knowledge.
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