When It's Time to Stand Up to the Tea Party

There are many things about the so-called 'Tea Party' that just drive me bat shit crazy and make me want to go on a killing spree. For one (and ignoring for the moment the overt scape-goating, twisted rhetoric, self-righteous fear mongering, complete lack of historical understanding of our founding principles, and a lack of basic common sense), they are so arrogant and self-deluding as to compare themselves to Shakespeare (>_<)

Also, of course, they seem to be unduly obsessed, as most religious nuts tend to be, with the sexual activities and preferences people like to indulge in in the privacy of their own homes, and as Jimmy Kimmel shows, that's when it's time to stand up to the madness :)

It's time for the Tea Party to get 'refudiated'...
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