Particle-Wave Duality - The Double Slit Experiment

As we've seen before in the Light Fantastic documentary series, light presents some of the greatest mysteries in all of science. The following clip (from the horrendous movie What the Bleep Do We Know) does a surprisingly good job of explaining in simple terms the classic work on the single and double slit experiments involving photons, which led to the utterly strange conclusion that light can behave like particles and waves, depending on what you're looking for. This idea is appropriately referred to as particle-wave duality.

I wouldn't jump to any conclusions about the 'consciousness' of the universe, or about the purposiveness of nature, or any bizarre ideas like that, the way the movie does, but it is definitely weird that light would act both as particles and waves, and that this behavior seems to be observer-dependent.

And if you want more weirdness, to learn about quantum mechanics and the curiosity of Schrödinger's cat.
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