A History of Catholic Church Sex Scandals

The Catholic Church has recently found itself smack in the middle of the same controversy that we've all unfortunately become accustomed to hearing about over the past few years: perverted priests have been molesting children, and as usual, instead of publicly condemning these pedophiles and turning them over to the proper authorities, the church's response has been to reassign these monsters to new parishes and unleash them on unsuspecting communities full of pre-pubescent ass ripe for the tapping.

What wasn't known until very recently is that Darth Ratzinger, the Pope himself, has been behind this institutional policy for decades, but surprise surprise... it doesn't end there. As it turns out, pedophilia and the Catholic Church have been like white on rice for as long as the church has existed, as this short but awesome animation demonstrates:

Is it any surprise that Penn & Teller both think that the Catholic Church is bullshit?
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