Hungry and Dangerous Animals

The natural world is full of amazing and inspiring scenes, but it's also the source of almost unimaginable cruelty and violent predation, as the following amazing pics from this past year demonstrate (of course, they're no match for the destruction and mayhem we humans can inflict on everyone):

This shark is three and a half meters long... and was bitten almost in half by a great white twice as big... wanna go for a swim? :)

This croc figured the closest distance between two points is a straight line... unfortunately that meant walking over a herd of hippos who confused his laziness for a direct threat to their calves and decided to kill it... I always thought laziness never killed anybody, but maybe I have to reassess that presumption now :)

Sharks are not always what you should fear in the ocean... not when there are 15-foot long salt-water crocs feasting on shark :)

An Olive python drags its wallaroo dinner up a gorge to bring it home for dinner.

Don't try to eat a toad unless you're too big for its mouth. This snake learned that lesson the hard way.

Dogs like to chase their tails and consistently fail to catch them. This snake saw something moving and went for it. Unfortunately, it didn't realize it was its own tail...

What to do... what to do?

This seal just managed to escape a sure and cruel death at the mouth of this killer whale.

When being chased by a killer whale on the hunt, it always helps if you can fly.

I don't know what these two boys are fighting about, but I wouldn't stick around to find out...

Via Telegraph.
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