Visions of the Future: The Biotech Revolution

A number of scientific disciplines are undergoing major paradigm shifts from the tradition of information gathering and theory formation to that of active creation and manipulation. Accompanied by the exponential growth of computing information processing, professor Michiu Kaku explains how the fields of biology and medicine are among the most prominent of these approaches, holding the promise of improving and extending our lives beyond limits that once seemed like the stuff of fantasy and science fiction. In other words, we are the first species in the history of our planet to have the means to manipulate its environment and control its own evolution.

Of course, the ethical and social questions these advances raise will require careful and methodical reasoning as these developments prove themselves to be double-edged swords. In the end, however, the benefits will probably outweigh the costs and negative consequences by a long shot, or so I hope...

Check out the rest of these visions of the future, and watch Aubrey deGrey explain how the prospect of immortality might not be as inevitable as we once thought.
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