Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Today's excellent documentary traces the history of the infamous Enron scandal, from the Orwellian atmosphere of ruthless tooth, nail and claw competition it created among its traders to the Machiavellian means of deception it portrayed to its own employees and the world at large, to taped conversations between traders celebrating its success predicated on exploitation and corruption, to the massive blackouts it created in California in an effort to drive electricity prices through the roof.

With big ties and exuberant contributions to the Bush family (surprise, surprise), Enron executives infiltrated the government and pushed de-regulation under the guise of the ideal of the free market, an ideal they themselves could not have believed in, since they so desperately exploited, manipulated, twisted and strangled it for their own despicable ends.

Of course, Skilling's interpretation of Dawkins' The Selfish Gene is based on a gross interpretation of the latter. Dawkins himself famously separated himself from this kind of economic theory decades ago, as you could see in his documentary Nice Guys Finish First.

Since we are on the topic of corruption, and if you have a bit of a masochistic side, check out the corruption tag.
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