The Mark Steel Lectures - Darwin

Given the fact that many creationists consider The Flinstones to be an educational series about the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans, I feel I should warn everyone that I'm not posting today's entry for educational purposes but merely for entertainment and laughs.

The following documentary, narrated by Mark Steel, is a hilarious approach to the life and intellectual contributions of Charles Darwin. If you know your history, you'll be able to tell when Steel is faithful to the facts and when he hilariously twists the truth; if you don't know your Darwin history, just enjoy the video for its humor value, but don't try to use it to win any arguments.

Look out for my favorite scene: Steel's take on Darwin's insight concerning the relationship between saliva and love. Make sure, however, you're not drinking anything at the time, or you might spray it all over your computer screen...

Look out for other hilarious biographies in the Mark Steel Lectures tag.
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