Candidates Seek the Fat Vote!

I've long stood against representative government. I don't want my leaders to be representative samples of the population at large: uneducated, inarticulate, sexist, bigoted, dishonest, selfish, nepotistic, idiotic, racist, unsophisticated, etc. When we get representative government we end up with George W. Bush in the White House. I want my leaders to be above the average...

But if you think we ought to have a representative government, then in a nation that's clogging its arteries with cholesterol, it follows that politicians should not only seek the vote from fat citizens, they should become fat themselves... Fat of the Land!

Of course, it would then follow that formerly chubby candidate Mike Huckabee has totally sold out... skinny bastard! :)

To watch how we are turning into a fat nation, watch this previous entry with the full documentary movie Super Size Me.
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