Jane Goodall: Saving the Chimpanzees

In this extraordinary talk from last year, originally broadcasted by Radio National of Australia, the wonderfully charismatic primatologist Jane Goodall shares with an audience at the University of New South Wales the surreal story of her unprecedented discoveries and work with chimpanzees in the Congo Basin.

Dr. Goodall also talks about her recent work on helping to promote sustainable ways of life and commerce all over the world, and she offers a very powerful message of hope and a call for action that you simply won't be able to ignore or forget.

As you'll hear, not only is Dr. Goodall by far one of the best public speakers in the world, the story she tells is fascinating, insightful, humorous and powerful. She is introduced by the always eloquent Robyn Williams.

Don't you just love her!

Now that you have some background on her experience, and if you're curious to meet the characters she mentions in her talk (David Greybeard, Goliath, Mr. McGregor, Flo, Fifi, Satan and others), check out this previous entry with a video documentary based on footage of her work.
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