Space: Boldly Go

This is the final episode of the BBC documentary series Space, narrated by Sam Neill. This episode explores the tools we would need in order to reach other stars, from the Voyager spacecraft (which would take about 25,000 years to reach the nearest star at its current speed), to plausible technologies like solar sailing (which could reduce the travel time to just a few decades), to the theoretically possible, practically impossible construction/ manipulation of worm holes created by the death of stars (which, of course, would require we first come close to one...). We also hear an astronaut's account of the horrible experience that it is to be launched in a space rocket, a price which he believes is worth the reward of the peace and calmness of reaching orbit. The video quality is great, as are the visual effects and overall photography.

If you have missed the previous episodes, Star Stuff, Staying Alive, Black Holes, Are We Alone?, and New Worlds, click on the corresponding links, or you can choose the BBC Space tag to see them all at once.
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