Why Major in Philosophy

For some of us, the choice of majoring in philosophy is not really much of a choice; it's an inescapable fact of reality because we are compelled by the power of its questions; we are enthralled by the conceptual mysteries it presents; we're mesmerized by paradoxical positions that we want to simultaneously affirm and to deny; we are never satisfied with superficial answers... or even with sophisticated ones; we want to understand what's beyond the horizon, even when we're not sure what's on this side of it; and while we seek to understand and comprehend, we're in love with the process of investigation itself...

But if that's not enough for you (or your parents), philosophy also carries great practical benefits that many people fail to appreciate:

And even if you can't get a job, remember that Bruce Lee once thought that philosophy was the best way to think deep thoughts about being unemployed :)

And for more of this great work, check out The Critical Thinker Academy and The Critical Thinker Podcast.


  1. Thanks for the post and the link, I appreciate it!


  2. Oh no... thank you for the great work you're doing and sharing with the rest of us :)

  3. the salary part of this video was really funny, your going to be broke until you have close to 15 years of experience........i just wanted to point that out


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