Monica Lewinski - The Price of Shame

Almost overnight, and without almost anyone knowing the person behind the name, her name became an infamous global phenomenon, and her reputation became permanently tarnished as political, ideological and commercial forces used her circumstances to suit their own purposes.

In an increasingly global and more technologically advanced world dominated by social media and anonymous online comments, an ugly aspect of human nature has been festering for the past decade or more: a culture of humiliation, our proclivity, ironically exercised behind the safety of our own anonymity, to publicly prey on the weak and shame them.

In a brave re-appearance into the international spotlight, Monica Lewinski is back, urging a message of empathy, and appealing to our better selves to create the conditions that make this a better and more compassionate world, one where we empower the powerless and disenfranchised instead of furthering the abuse. The standing ovation she receives at the end of this TEDTalk presentation is well-earned.

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