Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on the Media's Bullshit Coverage of Malaysian Flight 370

The recent, and now tragic, disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370, somehow turned into a journalistic embarrassment last week when media outlets like CNN and Fox News, which were supposed to report on actual developments regarding the whereabouts of the plane, turned instead, without a single shred of evidence, to baseless, ideological and political speculation; reading of anonymous tweets; invitations to bullshit experts (including a 'psychic') to ponder the possibility of absolutely ridiculous scenarios, such as black holes, Bermuda-triangle-type phenomena, and alien invasions. These so-called "breaking news" also included, predictably, batshit crazy and paranoid conspiracy theories ranging from government attempts to distract the public from Benghazi or Obamacare (wtf?), to, more predictably from Fox, Muslim Jihadist terrorist plots, etc.

Everything, in other words, except actual news or hard facts... but thankfully Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are shining the spotlight on this display of journalistic mediocrity:

And of course, all of this mental diarrhea wouldn't be complete without a psychic:

Oy vey... this is what passes for journalism nowadays in our society...
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