Edward Snowden - Here's How We Take Back the Internet

Whatever our feelings about Edward Snowden as a person are, and what his actions say about him (hero, traitor, whistleblower, responsible citizen, opportunist, guy who couldn't figure out how to break up with his girlfriend, cosmopolitan visionary, etc.), the fact is that he started a discussion concerning important issues that are worth exploring, thinking and talking about.

And there's no denying that even the most extreme views have something valuable to say about this issue, even when they're too narrow and single-minded to encompass the full range of complexity and subtleties regarding questions concerning national security, privacy rights, constitutional principles, democracy, free speech, power dynamics, political manipulation, government and corporate abuses of power, due process, etc. So, in an effort to get this conversation going, TED invited Snowden to share some of his views, thoughts and knowledge on the activities conducted by the NSA and what they mean for the future of democracy, national security and the relationship between the government and the people.

And, for some balance, TED also invited a representative from the NSA to respond:

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