A Message from Your Kids' Teachers: You Suck!

Somehow we've gotten embedded in our collective mind the idea that educating our children is something that teachers do. I would actually want to claim that besides teaching academic subjects that foster our kids' intellectual capacities, teachers should also instill in them civic and social virtues that will help with their emotional, social and moral development. But of course, that is something that we can realistically expect of teachers only if they are given the necessary resources, but if we overload them with ever-increasing requirements and class sizes while consigning them to live in virtual poverty, we can hardly hold them responsible for the stunted moral fiber kids display nowadays.

Apart from all of that, however, we also should not forget that education begins at home, and that parents don't get to abdicate their responsibility just because their official title isn't "teacher." If your kids suck, there's a good chance that's because, as a parent, you suck too :p

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