The Media's Manipulative Influence on Our Psyche

I will be the first to admit that I'm all about the kind of female body portrayed in the ad to the side. I'm a sucker for the skinny waist and the firmness of a nice, athletic, toned body with virtually no body fat. To be fair, though, I also think that we men should try to live up to the same standards, and despite my busy schedule, and with various degrees of success and failure, I do what I can to aim for that goal myself :)

This is not to say however, that I'm not aware of the growing problem of the media's influences over our behavior, attitudes, preferences, beliefs, desires, and judgments. More perniciously, though, is their detrimental influence over defenseless and impressionable young children who don't yet have the mental faculties required to protect themselves against the manipulation and the farce orchestrated by multi-billion dollar corporations focused exclusively on turning them into consumers who will perpetuate the same exploitative system.

If you're a parent, find some better role models for your children, will you?
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