Samsara Food Sequence

We have showcased previously the truth behind meat production, and learned about the gruesome conditions under which non-human animals are raised and slaughtered, especially in the US, all merely to privilege our wants over their needs. Although it's difficult to watch, it's a sobering reality we need to confront if we are going to do anything about it.

But in a sense, words may be unnecessary... The following simultaneously captivating, beautiful and heart-wrenching clip from the film Samsara takes us through an animal factory farm (most likely located in China) that actually seems to engage in cleaner and less cruel practices than we do here in the US (really, have we reached the point when we have to look up to China to learn about compassion?), but that nevertheless allows the reality of meat production to reveal itself to you at your own pace.

Maybe it's time we became better people, no?
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