Russell Brand - Let's Start a Revolution!

Some years ago, I remember thoroughly enjoying Russell Brand's BBC radio show. It was a fun combination of immature antics and thoughtful commentary on various issues, especially political. One of the recurring themes was his call for a quasi-Marxist political revolution in which the people would claim their rightful place and erect a government designed to protect their interests, not the interests of corporate overlords, the way it does now. Unfortunately, the immature antics eventually caught up with him and his show got cancelled.

The revolution, however, may still be on its way. A few months ago, while plugging his show, he stopped by the studios of MSNBC and hilariously schooled those fools on what actual journalism might look like. Then last month, when receiving the GQ Oracle Award, he delivered a funny speech that created some major cognitive dissonance for the organizers and those in attendance: he made them laugh and also made their sphincters tense up :)

Anyway, a couple of days ago he got interviewed by Jeremy Paxman who, like his brethren at MSNBC, was not ready for a comedian to dish out some intelligent, principled and in-your-face schooling on political ideology. The result was beautiful:

Of course, as with Marx, there's the question of how to balance the ideals and principles with the practical question of logistics and human nature... but still...
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