Dogs vs. Hyenas - Chew On This!

I've never been one to like hyenas. I don't know if I find it ignoble to rely on great numbers to bring down a great beast, or if it's guilt by association, since usually where there's vultures there's probably hyenas (or is it the other way around?), or if their preposterously high levels of testosterone (especially in the females) feels somehow emasculating, or if they're just ugly as all hell... but either way I find them repulsive.

That's not to say, however, that one can't also find them interesting, indeed fascinating. For instance, did you know that hyenas are evolutionarily closer to cats than to dogs? Me either. So what else about these social animals might you not know but could learn in about two minutes?

The idea of convergent evolution could have been stated with even more strength if they had also compared dogs and hyenas to certain marsupials that hit upon the same basic adaptations, quite independently, as things usually happen, Down Under in Australia.

And if you want, there's also a poster:

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