Megyn Kelly Makes Karl Rove Her Bitch

I have an ongoing debate with a friend. We're both liberals, and I think one can theoretically separate a person's political ideology from their physical attractiveness, and not like the former while very much liking the latter, or vice versa. My friend thinks I'm full of crap: once you know what's inside a person's heart and soul, especially when they're conservative ideologues, the outside is just as hideous as the inside.

And the object of contention between us has been Megyn Kelly. I think she's totally hot, even though I disagree with most of the things she says. My friend says she makes him want to barf. Here's the awesome part: on election night she did something that should completely vindicate me in my friend's eyes: she made Karl Rove her bitch :)

I'm not big on schadenfreude, but that was awesome!
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