We May Need a Break, But You Can Still Follow Us

As you probably know already, I consider this blog as purely a project of love and civic duty. It's my way of contributing a little bit to the world by sharing interesting, and hopefully thought-provoking, things I come across. I make no money from it, since I have chosen not to include ads or to solicit donations.

Unfortunately (for our present purposes), I have a grueling semester ahead of me, with around 200 students for whom I am responsible. I teach at a community college (two, actually), so there are no T.A.'s on whom I could delegate any grading, which means all of it has to be done by me. As such, the blog entries may become more sparse over the next couple of months, but hopefully we'll return to a more consistent schedule once the semester is over.

In the meantime, and if you can't go without your fix of interesting stuff, you can always follow us on all sorts of social networks where I share all sorts of cool articles and links:
And if you want to be notified when new blog entries are posted, you can also find us on:

See you soon!
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