The Word - On the Straight & Narrow-Minded

Despite the horrible traffic, the humidity, the bad smells, the crowded subways, and so on, sometimes I'm actually glad I live in NYC and not in, say, Texas. Why, you ask?

For one thing, because Texas is ruled by Republicans, conservative culture, religion, racism, homophobia and narrow-minded gun-toting hillbillies. Case in point, the folks from the Texas GOP believe that the impressionable minds of young people are being poisoned by knowledge and the basic critical thinking skills that allow them to reach conclusions based on reason and evidence, and not just on the narrow-minded traditions with which they were raised... and so they're moving to ban the teaching of critical thinking!!!

Even the Young Turks had something to say about this embarrassment:

Well, now I know... if I ever move to Texas, I can expect to be unemployed...
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