Long-lost Moon landing tape: We are on the fucking moon!

If your life has consisted of anything other than just being a vegetable since 1969, then you know that, notwithstanding what conspiracy theorists might say, and regardless of the plausibility of their denials (this one almost convinces me, for instance), we have made it to the moon!

Countless future generations will be familiar with Neil Armstrong's famous first words upon touching down on the moon and being the first human being ever to set foot on our natural satellite: "one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind."

But of course, that's just the family-friendly version that was officially broadcast all over the world, and the transmission contained more communication between the Apollo 11 astronauts and ground control in Houston that was never released to the public... until now! And as it turns out, it's not quite as apple-pie American as you might have expected, but it is full of awesome :)

Ok, so the question to ask at this point is how long it took you to suspect that this might not be real, if the question even came up at all? Regardless, I would have preferred this to be the real version of events... Leave it to the good folks at The Onion to turn fake news into a more believable version of what really happened :)

And for the true story of the Apollo program, you might be interested in watching the documentary film For All Mankind.
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