When did this blog become (semi) popular?

This little one-man operation usually gets about a thousand hits a day. I can't tell you how pleased that makes me, especially considering that we're not associated with any cool, popular or powerful organization at all. Hell, I don't even have ads here!

This is exclusively a product of love. Think of it as my little contribution to the world, trying to enrich those curious enough to want to explore new ideas.

About a year ago, the readership was around 200 folks a day, and somehow that grew five-fold over the past twelve months. I don't know how these things work; I'm just glad that the ideas explored here are reaching people interested in cool ideas, philosophy, science, history, mathematics, and learning in general. Who said you can't be an autodidact? :)

So if two hundred people got me all smiley a year ago, imagine my surprise when over the past few days, our hits went from the regular one grand or so to almost 6,000 hits yesterday!

Of course, this may all be some unintended glitch, but either way, it feels nice that lots of people, most of whom I'll probably never meet, may be getting something out of stumbling by here. So, if you have friends of family that may benefit from browsing around here, do invite them. Hopefully we have a little something for everyone (except stupid people) :)
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