This Is the Best Sermon You'll Hear Today. Amen!

I know I sometimes tend to rant against religious dogmatism and bigotry, but credit has to be given where it's due, and the following sermon by Pastor Frederick Haynes III absolutely deserves props, so kudos!

Why? Well, consider this... he's a black man and a Christian Baptist minister. So if he's talking about homosexuality, you'd think he'd go the double-whammy homophobic route and preach to the intolerant choir (sorry, but come on, you know that's how it goes).

Instead, however, he delivers one of the clearest, bravest and most eloquent articulations of the idea behind the separation of church and state I've seen religious commentators make, all before getting into the theological question of what Christian attitudes ought to be toward homosexuality given what Jesus said about it. If you declare Jesus Christ to be your lord and savior, you might want to pay attention to his teachings before you start passing judgment or throwing stones at other people  Can I get an Amen!? :)

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