Inside Nature's Giants - Kangaroo

When you read the title of this entry, your first reaction might be bewilderment. Kangaroos are among nature's giants? Well, yes and no. The largest kangaroos on record, who stood at an impressive ten feet tall, went the way of the dodo a long time ago, so their present-day descendants are not as impressive as you may expect. Still, kangaroos today are the largest living marsupials, so that helps them qualify.

But you've already come to love this documentary series full of fascinating lessons on evolutionary biology, so why are we quibbling on technicalities when we can just enjoy the awesome and truly surprising lessons in evolution that studying these and other lovable Australian animals (marsupials like wallabies and koalas, and monotremes like the platypus) can teach us?

Bet you weren't expecting to see what a young Joey looks like, huh?

And in case you're curious about the plural of platypus... it's either platypus or platypuses, but not platypi (you'd have to know a little bit of Latin to understand why).
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