To Infinity and Beyond

Apparently the title of this documentary also has something to do with Toy Story? Well, I haven't seen that movie, but I can tell you what this documentary is about... Infinity. The most obvious way to start thinking about infinity is through numbers: take any number, and you'll soon realize that there is no such thing as the biggest number because you can always add 1. No, a googol won't do it, nor even a googolplex or Graham's number. Yes, these numbers contain more zeros than there are atoms in the observable universe, but they still fall short, infinitely short, in fact, of infinity.

But the strangeness doesn't end there because infinity may not only be a mathematical conceptual idea: infinity raises all kinds of interesting scientific and philosophical questions and paradoxes (what Immanuel Kant called antinomies of reason) about the physical universe that even modern cosmology doesn't quite know what to do with: is space infinite? If not, what's beyond its edge? Infinite empty space? What about time? If it is, and the amount of matter in the universe is finite, then everything that could logically happen has happened, and will continue to happen, an infinite number of times... And hey, are there an infinite amount of universes? And as you'll see in this fascinating documentary, this is just the beginning of the weirdness:

For a fascinating treatment of the problems of infinity, check out the documentary Dangerous Knowledge.
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