Schrödinger’s Cat... in 60 Seconds

We've seen in previous episodes of this 60-second Adventures in Thought series, all sorts of philosophical, logical, mathematical and scientific paradoxes and all-around weirdness. To remind you, we've seen Zeno's paradox concerning motion, the grandfather paradox concerning backward travel through time, John Searle's chinese room thought experiment concerning thought and computation, Hilbert's infinite hotel concerning different size infinities, Einstein's twin paradox concerning special relativity.

And finally, today we have Schrödinger’s Cat, that poor kitty whose bivalent fate rests upon the superposition of subatomic particles...

For a more serious treatment of Schrödinger’s Cat, check out Jim Al-Khalili's documentary Atoms: The Illusion of Reality.

And for more on infinities, you'll do your brain a favor by watching the excellent documentary Dangerous Knowledge.
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