Inside Nature's Giants - The Camel

I've never thought much of camels, what with their lenky legs, their weird humps and simultaneously pretentious and dumb-looking ruminant mouths, I never thought these were interesting animals, but watching this documentary about them absolutely blew my mind!

As the team prepares to dissect one specimen, the main question guiding the exploration concerns how it is that these large animals have evolved to put up with the scorching heat of the desert, as well as with its scarcity of water. And when conditions are tough, that's exactly when evolution reveals itself to be that wise blind watchmaker capable of seemingly miraculous solutions that go way beyond anything you could have ever expected.

So join the team to explore the camel's anatomy and physiology, as well as its incredible evolution, as they travel to one of the most camel densely populated regions in the world: Australia. Say what???

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