A Geological Timescale for Young-Earth Creationists

So how would the geological record look like if we assumed that young Earth creationism were true? Just click the picture below to get a better look:

Well, as the picture itself mentions, since Jesus lived in the Pre-Cambrian, he could not have ridden a Velociraptor into Jerusalem, so there goes that...

But it turns out that unicellular life started more than three hundred years after Socrates was executed; St. Thomas Aquinas was writing his Summa Theologica during the early Cambrian; Christopher Columbus made his trip to America during the early Devonian; David Hume drove the church mad in the Triassic (I wonder if he was riding a T-Rex...); Darwin was born during the Jurassic; Nietzsche declared the death of God during the early Cretaceous; Einstein's theory of General Relativity was vindicated before the end of the Mesozoic; and I was born during the Oligocene... yep, makes perfect sense :)

Via: Minerology Database
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