Kony and the Invisible Kidnapped Children

This blog, this little one-man operation, is motivated by the desire to educate those curious minds who want to be exposed to awesome, fascinating ideas and learn from them, and by the belief that a single individual can make some sort of positive difference in the world, no matter how small. I think of this blog as my small contribution to a world I love and want to help improve. Today's entry is particularly apropos of that theme because your individual involvement could help create a revolution such that the world has never seen.

As you may nor may not know, poor, destitute families in the regions in and around Uganda and Sudan, have been terrorized for decades by the unimaginable brutality of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), a fundamentalist Christian group so violent and corrupt that only loudmouths such as Rush Limbaugh would defend it (I kid you not). The psychopathic leader of the LRA, Joseph Kony, resorts to kidnapping, torturing and exploiting children who are consequently forced to kill their own parents, mutilate other children and commit all kinds of unimaginable atrocities against others, including their own families.

Unfortunately, because this geographical area doesn't represent any practical military or economic interests for us, our government has long ignored these violations of human rights and turned a blind eye to the suffering of the disenfranchised victims of this violence. But our representatives depend on us for votes and offices, and if we put enough pressure on them, then at least out of self-interest, they might finally decide to do the right thing. So let's make Kony so famous that he can no longer be ignored, and we can finally bring the bastard to justice and let some light shine on this dark corner of the world.

I want to live in a world in which this is an everyday occurrence:

Get involved and do your part to create a better world.
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