Contrary to what the majority of people all over the world believe, I'm pretty sure this is the only life we will ever know. To some, that is a depressing prospect, and an indication of the futility and meaninglessness of human existence.

To me, however, it underscores the responsibility each of us has to make it count, to make it meaningful, and to make sure we have some sense of perspective and proportion with regard to the things that matter to us. Are our pride, convictions, resentments, race, differences, disagreements, history, ideology, etc. worth hating each other?

I seriously hope not. And hopefully it's not too late for any of us to open our hearts, make amends, forgive and enter into communion with others.

How will we know when things are really getting better: when we get to see an unphotoshopped picture of the Pope kissing Sheik Mohamed Ahmed el-Tayeb

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