Stephen Colbert - Posthumous Mormon Baptisms

You may remember that recently Bill Maher had a rare moment of comedic genius when he decided to un-baptize Mitt Romney's dead father-in-law. Well, the news about these posthumous baptisms have continued over the past few weeks, especially as it was discovered that Anne Frank (who's upset about people reading her diary, by the way) has been posthumously baptized into the Mormon religion nine freaking times!

Well, some people, such as Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel, are infuriated about this insensitive and offensive religious practice, so Stephen Colbert decided to even things out by posthumously circumsizing all dead Mormons :)

Of course, this whole business is silly, but there's something incoherent about the objection that these DEAD people are being baptized "AGAINST their will and without their knowledge"... sorry, but if you're dead, there is no you, so nothing can be done against your non-existent will or without your knowledge since there's no longer a you for anyone to hide anything from... Whatever wrong is being done here, it is not being done to those dead people, and that may be a distinction worth keeping in mind.
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