"Dear Professor Hawking"

I had some surgery yesterday, nothing major, but my present inability to move around as much as I'd like may result in fewer blog entries in the near future... or more than usual; we'll see. In any case, as today's entry shows, when you're bed-ridden, there are few better ways to spend your time than listening to an homage to Stephen Hawking :)

Defying medical expectations for an early death by decades, Professor Hawking, perhaps the most famous and popular of all scientists alive, recently celebrated his 70th birthday.

In light of his genius, the obstacles he's had to overcome, his scientific contributions, his celebrity status, his passion for popularizing his love of science in books and documentaries, his correspondence with children and adults throughout the world, and his appearances on The Simpsons, the BBC recently put together a series of audio programs dedicated to celebrating this remarkable man.

He's sold more books than Madonna has had sex... Classic!

But I'm not sure I can let that "philosophy is dead" comment go by without protest :(
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