Still kicking, sorry about the confusion

For those of you who noticed and were concerned with a very personal post a few days ago, thank you for your posthumous words of kindness, but everything is all right. That was an entry I created a while ago to be automatically posted on Christmas, should something happen to me before that date (you never know when you might get run over by a car, when the bridge that you drive to work on might collapse, when your heart might decide to call it quits, or when Jesus decides to rapture your ass). It seemed like a nice way of getting to say a little something to my family without their expecting it.

With the hectic nature of the end of the semester and the then-approaching holiday season, it slipped my mind to reset the automated post for another year, and I didn't realize it got posted until about two days after the fact, by which point a number of you were worried. I am very grateful for the kind messages and concern I received, though.

The good thing about this mishap? This blog is just not popular enough to create a major frenzy :)
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