Michigan's Children Speak Out Against Republican Pro-Bullying Legislation

As we learned recently from Stephen Colbert, an anti-bullying bill in Michigan is sparking controversy. The bill was originally inspired by the tragic story of Matt Epling, a teen who committed suicide in 2002 after falling victim to anti-gay bullying. The fact he wasn't gay doesn't change anything.

The controversy surrounding the bill arose because Republican Senator Rick Jones introduced a clause that made an exception for bullying perpetrated due to "a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction."

The problem, of course, is that instead of protecting the victims of hate and bigotry, this nominally "anti-bullying" bill actually provides license to promote bullying, and a blueprint to teach bullies exactly what excuses to use to get away with their hatred.

Luckily, many have seen through the smokescreen, including children, and they are writing their representatives to let their voices be heard:

And here is Senator Gretchen Whitmer responding to this pro-bullying legislation:

Obviously, this is the wrong time to say this, but she's kind of cute, huh? :)
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