Geoffrey Warnock on Kant

Imagine if the conceptual basis of just about every single belief you ever had, not just as a layman but as a professional and conscientious intellectual, were suddenly shattered by the writings of a single man? That's exactly what happened to Immanuel Kant when he read the work of David Hume.

To his credit, and despite the tremendous existential angst he must have experienced as a result of reading the skeptical arguments proposed by the Scotsman, Kant recognized that Hume had to be taken seriously, and subsequently spent the rest of his mature career trying to overcome the problems posed by Hume. Whether or to what extent Kant succeeded in refuting Hume is still a matter of debate, but no one can deny that in his attempt, Kant would become the one of the most important and influential philosophers of all time, perhaps second only to Aristotle.

Here to discuss the history, importance, breadth and influence of this German thinker are philosophers Bryan Magee and Geoffrey Warnock:

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