Islam was created by Muhammad, for Muhammad?

Have you ever noticed that one thing most religions and cults have in common, apart from all the supernatural and unfalsifiable claims they make, is that they tend to be so coincidentally convenient for the sake and benefit of their leaders?

What are the odds?!? Some dude claims to have knowledge of things the rest of us have no direct access to (and can't therefore refute through evidence), and this knowledge just happens to tell us that we must redistribute our wealth to him, or that he gets to have multiple wives while those schmucks not in power usually don't, or that we must go plunder someone else's land... and pass a substantial percentage of the booty and the virgins to the religious leaders, or that we must not covet our 'neighbor's' property (including his women) and all because that's what God wants us to do.

Must be magic... Yep, sounds totally believable. Sign me up!

The real miracle is that people fall for these cheap tricks...
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