Elizabeth Warren Is Awesome

Part of my growing opposition to libertarianism and political conservatism is due to the fact that they are shallow and myopic philosophies based on the unrealistic illusion of self-sufficiency and individual isolationism, and I don't think that these approaches to political philosophy are worthy of people whose brains are fully functional.

And I don't know if the picture above is an indication that Elizabeth Warren has been reading John Rawls lately or not, but it beautifully and concisely captures part of the essence of what's wrong with the childish dreams of libertarianism and fiscal conservatism.

Anyway, if you don't know who she is, she's that rare combination of a compassionate heart that bleeds for the little people, while also armed with an acute corruption radar that's not afraid to call it as she sees it without losing her cool. Here are a few clips with Jon Stewart, who wants to make out with her :)

Here's another interview:

The interview continues:

And here she is talking with Colbert:

If you're interested in a philosophical approach that takes seriously the rights of individuals, check out a lecture on Robert Nozick, or this lecture on how Nozick and Rawls duked it out philosophically.
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