Back in Black - Threats to America's Children

So, "Dr." Oz, quack-alternative-medicine peddler, started a fear mongering campaign about a week ago scaring parents all over the country with the idea that apple juice is loaded with 'lethal' amounts of arsenic. As it turns out, Oz didn't distinguish between inorganic arsenic, which really is toxic, and organic arsenic, which isn't toxic.

Now, you might think "innocent mistake, anyone could have failed to make the distinction," and that would be right. The problem, however, is that Oz was made aware of this fact by the FDA almost a whole week before he aired his show, so we're not dealing with ignorance and incompetence here (well, we are...) but also with deceitful manipulation and corruption. Lewis Black has some choice words for this and other fear-mongering assholes:

By the way, if you ever find yourself competing in Dancing with the Stars, that's a pretty good indication that you're not a star... you're a has-been... or a never-was :)

Anyway, talking about possible threats to children's fragile psyches, guess what happened in Dancing with the Stars:

Wow... those Fox & Friends people are uptight :)
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