Whereof One Cannot Speak... Fight Fire with Fire

You gotta give it to religious believers, no one in the history of humanity has managed to twist arguments and evidence to suit their beliefs quite like them. When you ask for evidence, there's always some bullshit story about the virtue of faith or about the ineffability of the transcendent; when you ask for a definition of God you can work with, you get so-called apophatic theology (defining God by what he's not); when you have a knock-down argument against the logical coherence of their deity, it's the devil brainwashing you or you're just too close-minded to the infinite possibilities of spirituality; and when they realize no matter what they say is going to sound bananas, the problem isn't their belief: it's the limits of language. And then they'll move on to quote some scientist or philosopher like Wittgenstein, but two can play that game :)

And in Wittgenstein's own words (more or less):

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