Richard Feynman - Cargo Cult Science

There is no denying that Richard Feynman was an eccentric genius, even by eccentric genius standards. It is just a cold fact of life that most of us will never be quite that creative or productive. Still, that doesn't mean that we couldn't train ourselves to be more like him. To begin with, a substantial percentage of what made him stood out was his refusal to just accept any proposition given to him as obviously true. It doesn't matter if we're talking science, philosophy, art, social mores, etiquette, etc. You don't have to be doing quantum electrodynamics to be like him. If you think anything is obvious in any of the familiar realms above, you're already failing to question and become inquisitive, to ask yourself why such propositions are accepted as true.

And when you combine that curious nature with his scientific integrity: his wholehearted commitment to honesty and the discovery of truth, you end up with a fascinating and thought-provoking little lecture like this:

Check out Feynman speak about his love of the pleasures of discovery.
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