Go the F**k to Sleep, read by Samuel L. Jackson

I have no kids of my own... that I know of :), but I have been around enough new parents to know that the happily-ever-after fairy tales adults tell themselves before having children are never quite what they anticipated... for better and worse.

And it is with sympathy for the sake of parents in the real world that Adam Mansbach has just published a hilarious children's book for grown-ups, which you get to hear today as Samuel L. Jackson reads it the way only he can.

If I ever become a parent, someone'd better get me this book!!!

But if reading stories is not your thing, Tim Minchin has a great lullaby to capture the same basic experience:

And if you want to understand more about the science of parenting, and how it relates to happiness and fulfillment, check out Jennifer Senior's New York Magazine excellent article All Joy and No Fun.

Hat tip to Heidi and Tony!
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