Earth Rotating Time Lapse

Apropos of Foucault's pendulum and the illusion it produces (namely, that it's the pendulum that rotates, when in fact it's the Earth rotating below it), I came across a video that has just emerged on the interwebs, and which helps with this shift in perspective.

If you've seen any of the previous incredible star-gazing time lapse videos I've posted before, you may have had something of a necker-cube experience: most of the time you experience the universe rotating around us, and every now and then you might experience us doing the rotating. This shift is usually involuntary and tends to be short-lived (at least for me).

To solve that problem, the people who created this video have taken some typical time-lapse footage, but fixed the video on the stars instead of Earth. The result is truly impressive.

Check out all sorts of awesome time lapse videos.
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