Jon Stewart Kicks Some O'Reilly Ass

If you have an opinion with which I disagree, that's fine. I don't expect everyone to be right all the time :)

In fact, there's a good chance that in many subjects, my opinions are just plain wrong. What I do have a serious problem with, though, is double standards: conveniently applying arbitrary standards whenever they suit you, and then ignoring the same standards when they don't suit you... that kind of sleazy inconsistency just drives me up the wall...

So, when Fox News recently started going ape-shit crazy over a rapper who got invited to the White House for a poetry night, I'm glad O'Reilly ended up inviting Jon Stewart for a little lesson in basic critical thinking/ass-kicking skills:

When he's right, he's right... a ban on assault weapons would be a GREAT way to celebrate police officers and all the great work they do protecting us... ball's on your court, O'Reilly :)
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