We're All Monkeys

We are monkeys... that's right... you and me and the guy who narrates this entertaining and thought provoking little rant... and Nietzsche was also a monkey... a very smart monkey.

Technically, though, we're apes, as this hilarious rant from The Guardian hammers into our heads. The problem, though, is that, right or wrong, the word ape just doesn't roll off the tongue with the same poetic flair. Just try substituting the word ape for the word monkey in the following expressions to see what I mean: 'monkey see, monkey do', 'monkey business', 'monkey love', 'stop monkeying around', and 'that was more fun than a barrel of monkeys'.

And perhaps we should not disclose the existence of this blog to Mr. Robbins lest he develops an aneurysm :)
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