Newt Gingrich - Atheist Islamist Takeover

In Plato's classic dialogue The Apology, Socrates is impeached on charges of impiety. The prosecutor, Meletus, argues that Socrates is an atheist, and that Socrates believes in gods not approved by the state. How could Socrates believe in gods and be an atheist at the same time, you ask? He couldn't... that's logically impossible, you might say.

Well, Newt Gingrich is worried that if Athens was threatened by the impiety of one Socrates, imagine how America will be threatened by an atheist radical Islamist takeover...

Wow... so he fucked all those women because he's a true patriot? Sweet, gonna use that excuse from now on :)

Of course, Socrates was found guilty and sentenced to death, so although Gingrich is a blithering idiot making up fake propaganda, I wouldn't dismiss his power to mobilize the ignorant and bigoted just yet..
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